Poster Submission Information

Welcome to KCU Virtual Research Week!

Join us for the live event in the Research Symposium Zoom room

We are hosting the Research Symposium virtually this year, so our printed posters of the past are no longer practical. The "poster" of the past has thus been transformed into a digital presentation to be displayed on the KCU Canvas environment.

Digital Poster Presentation Requirements

The general idea of the virtual digital presentation is for your submission to be an audio and visual experience of your recent research efforts. This can be achieved in a number of ways, so the technology that you choose to present and record your presentation is up to you, within a few limits.

For your poster presentation on Canvas, please download a template from the intranet to build your poster, and then create a PDF file for poster submission to be displayed on the KCU Research Week Canvas site (submit poster using this form). An accompanying 5-minute video (MP4 or MOV) or audio file (WAV or MP3) must also be provided for display on the Canvas site (upload audio or video file to this Box folder)

Some poster submitters may choose to provide a 5-minute voiced-over PowerPoint to accompany their PDF poster display.

Allowable Video Formats: MP4 or MOV
Allowable Audio Formats: WAV or MP3

Video or audio length should be no more than 5 minutes!

The deadline for poster plus 5-minute video/audio file submissions is Friday, March 26, 2021 by 5 p.m.

Additional Presentation Information

Your friends, colleagues and the poster judges will be able to receive your research and science-driven wisdom in the virtual domain. This ‘Virtual Research Week’ Canvas module will sustain through the end of the academic year for your leisurely viewing pleasure.

Please review and proof your presentation carefully before submitting. Your presentation is a reflection of your hard work and scientific findings. It is also a chance for you to put your results in a digital format - take your time! Students, work with your mentor to ensure an error-free presentation is submitted.

Completed empirical research project abstracts will be considered for an oral presentation during the Symposium, which will consist of a live 10-minute presentation (with 5 minutes for questions) delivered on Wednesday, April 7. Each live oral presentation will be recorded and available to use in your future CV and portfolio materials.

If you have additional questions please contact the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs at 816-654-7603 or email Gwen Dodd at