Presentation Information

Research efforts from all programs to include the COM, COB, PsyD and Bioethics will be presented live in a Zoom room.

This is a great opportunity to share your recent research efforts with your friends, colleagues, and other students from our programs of study at KCU.

Be prepared and get creative in your digital presentation because this is your opportunity to get others excited about your research!

The KCU Virtual Research Symposium will feature numerous amazing live Zoom presentations over four days, April 6-9. Check the Schedule of Events for more detail on presentation times and days. 

View the 2021 Symposium abstracts, posters and presentations in Canvas.

Two Keynote Speakers

Dr. Jeff Molkentin
Professor of Pediatrics at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

Presentation Title: New Role for Thrombospondin Family Members as ER and Intravesicular Chaperones that Underlie Tissue Healing

Dr. Molkentin’s laboratory investigates a range of focus areas, all of which center on understanding the molecular mechanisms of heart and skeletal muscle disease. Toward this end we study the basic machinery that underlies cell death, with a special interest in mitochondrial-dependent mechanisms of non-apoptotic death (such as cellular necrosis). Prominent diseases of both heart and skeletal muscle are affected by cellular necrosis, so identifying the genes that control this process could have a substantial effect on our treatment of these types of diseases.
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Dr. Rena Fukunaga
Epidemiologist in the Global TB Prevention & Control Branch on the Surveillance, Epidemiology and Monitoring and Evaluation (SEME) Team in the Division of Global HIV and TB (DGHT)

Presentation Title: COVID-19 in Correctional and Detention Facilities

Rena Fukunaga, PhD, MA, is an epidemiologist in the Center for Global Health at CDC. She serves as the technical assistance lead on the Corrections Unit in the Critical Populations and Community Interventions Task Force. Her work includes developing correctional management and testing guidance, providing technical assistance during outbreak responses, supporting correctional facilities in the implementation of infection, prevention, and control strategies, and supporting state health departments, federal agencies, and partners in vaccination planning and implementation in correctional and detention facilities. She regularly works on global HIV and tuberculosis prevention, treatment, and control.

Scholarly Articles

(50-minute presentations, plus 10-minute question-and-answer sessions)

KCU Student Short Presentations

Four students, respectively, from the COM, PsyD, COB and Bioethics programs will be selected based on merit to comprise sixteen (16) short presentations by KCU students.

KCU Student Summer Research Fellowships (SSRF) Short Presentations

  • Twelve SSRF recipients from KCU will give short presentations.
  • 10-minute live Zoom presentations, plus 5 minutes each for question-and-answer sessions

KCU-GME Resident Presentations

  • 8-minute live Zoom presentations, plus 2 minutes each for question & answer sessions

Friday Awards Ceremony

The Research Symposium presentation awards ceremony begins at 3 p.m. on Friday, April 9, with a presentation by the Yale U. Castlio Award honoree. At approximately 3:35 p.m., prizes will be awarded, including prizes for two students with first- and second-place posters, a prize for the best live student presentation and a prize for the best resident presentation.

Other Information

The live events will be recorded and posted on Canvas through the end of the semester. The live events will occur from mid-day – 4 p.m. beginning on Tuesday, April 6 lasting through 4 p.m. on Friday, April 9 p.m.

In addition to submitting a poster PDF, you must submit a video or audio file for presentation in the virtual domain in the KCU Canvas environment. Read more about KCU Canvas displayed virtual poster presentation submissions.

Only completed empirical research project abstracts will be considered for live oral presentations. View more detail on the difference between virtual and oral presentations on the Poster page.

If you have additional questions please contact the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs at 816-654-7603 or email Gwen Dodd at