University Council

University Council is a broad representation of academic and administrative leaders on campus and it functions as both an information exchange and sounding board for broad strategic initiatives.

Marc B. Hahn, DO, President and Chief Executive Officer

Joe Massman, MBA, CPA ,Executive Vice President, Operations

Edward R. O'Connor, PhD, Executive Vice President, Academic and Research Affairs, Provost

Carlton Abner, MS, Associate Provost for Campus Health and Wellness

Esperanza Anaya, PhD, Assistant Program Director of Health Service Psychology

Doug Bittel, MSc, PhD, Professor of Biosciences

Ellen Cespedes, Senior Executive Assistant to the President

W. Josh Cox, DO, FACOFP, Executive Dean of the College of Osteopathic Medicine

Galina Danilova, MBA, Institutional Effectiveness Manager

Jennifer Dennis, MS, PhD, Professor of Pathology and Anatomical Sciences

Gautam Desai, DO, FACOFP, Professor of Primary Care

Kenneth Durgans, EdD, MA, MS, Associate Provost for Diversity and Inclusion

Sarah Getch, PhD, Program Director/Associate Professor of Health Service Psychology

Kathleen Gould, Vice President, Finance

Ken Heiles, DO, Joplin Campus Dean

Jim Herrington, MBA, CPP, DRI, Director of Campus Support

Robert Hillard, MD, Professor of Pathology & Anatomical Sciences

Jamie Hirshey, Director of Human Resources

Jennifer Ingraham, MS, Vice President of Philanthropy & Alumni Relations

Jessie James, JD, Director of Legal Affairs and Risk Management

G. Michael Johnston, DO, Vice Dean, COM KCU-Kansas City

Kelley Joy, DO, Associate Professor of Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine

Linda Niessen, Dean, College of Dental Medicine and Vice Provost for Oral Health Affairs

Bill Patterson, Executive Director of University Relations

John Paulson, DO, Associate Professor of Primary Care

Laura Rosch, DO, Campus Dean, COM KCU-Joplin

Tim Saxe, Director of Strategic Initiatives

Larry Segars, PharmD, DrPH, BCPS, FACE, FCCP, RPh, Associate Professor of Basic Sciences

David Sine, MA, PhD, Assistant Professor of Bioethics

Bret Silvis, Creative Director, Staff Senate President

Jeff Staudinger, PhD, Professor of Pharmacology

Kristine Stevens, EdD, Vice Provost for Student & Enrollment Services

Shawn Thayer, Director of Information Technology

Kevin Treffer, DO, FACOFP, Associate Professor of Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine

Robert Tyler, DO, MsC, Assistant Professor - Primary Care, Faculty Senate Representative

Robert White, PhD, Dean of KCU-Kansas City of College of Biosciences

Bruce Williams, DO, Associate Dean of Clinical Education

Brooke Yoder, Director of Strategic Relations and Operations

Asma Zaidi, PhD, Professor of Biochemistry

Kenneth Zaremski, DO, AOBFP, AOBNMM, Assistant Professor of Osteopathic Manipulation Medicine, Faculty Senate President