AdventHealth East Orlando

Core Site assignments are for year three only. Clerkship placement during year four is based solely on the site’s availability and approval. Students must follow the scheduling protocols outlined by the location and the Clinical Education Guidelines.

Since 1941, AdventHealth East Orlando has provided state-of-the-art healthcare to the community.  The Family Medicine Osteopathic Residency Program at AdventHealth East Orlando is among the most progressive in the country. 

Family Medicine Osteopathic Residency Program

Site Focus

  • Osteopathic Family Medicine Residency

School Affiliations

  • Dr Kiran C Patel College of Osteopathic Medicine Nova Southeastern University
  • KCU College of Osteopathic Medicine

Hospital Statistics

Advent Health East Orlando

  • Total Beds - 305
  • Admissions - 15,751
  • ER Visits - 123,746
  • Outpatient Visits - 67,455
  • Births - N/A
  • Inpatient Surgeries - 2,433
  • Outpatient Surgeries - 3,515
  • Trauma Center - N/A

AdventHealth Orlando

  • Total Beds - 1,302
  • Admissions - 52,192
  • ER Visits - 122,178
  • Outpatient Visits - 198,228
  • Births - 4,447
  • Inpatient Surgeries - 20,663
  • Outpatient Surgeries - 16,554
  • Trauma Center - Yes

AdventHealth Winter Park

  • Total Beds - 320
  • Admissions - 14,463
  • ER Visits - 38,049
  • Outpatient Visits - 64,682
  • Births - 3,178
  • Inpatient Surgeries - 2,735
  • Outpatient Surgeries - 5,805
  • Trauma Center - N/A

AdventHealth for Children

  • Total Beds - 220

    Third-Year Clerkships

    • Behavioral Health (4 weeks) - Outpatient
    • Child and Adolescent Health (4 weeks) - Inpatient/Outpatient (combination 2 weeks outpatient, 1 week inpatient and 1 week newborn)
    • Family Medicine (4 weeks) - Outpatient
    • Internal Medicine (8 weeks) - Inpatient/Outpatient
    • Surgery (8 weeks) - Outpatient (combination of 4 weeks General Surgery and 4 weeks Surgical Specialty)
    • Women's Health (4 weeks) - Outpatient

    This site schedules clinical experiences in four-week increments.

    Third-Year Selectives

    • Selectives are arranged by the student directly with a preceptor. Students may refer to AdventHealth for potential specialty options and must contact the preceptor directly to determine availability - do not reach out to AdventHealth FM Residency or GME as the student is required to secure placements for selective clerkships.

    Residency Information

    Resources & Benefits

    • Facility Resources: Students have access to computers, phones, printer and lockers in the Family Medicine Residency Program Office, guest WiFi and cafeterias are available at AdventHealth campuses
    • Meal Benefits: Unavailable
    • Visiting Student Housing: Unavailable

    Duties & Opportunities

    • Student Duties: Students are required to attend Wednesday afternoon Didactics from 1-5 pm at AdventHeath East. Didactics can be a mix of in-person and virtual through Microsoft Teams.

    Unique Site Characteristics

    • Background Security Check - Level 1, required once since enrolling in school's current program
    • BLS and ACLS certifications must be current
    • 5-Panel Drug Screen required prior to third year
    • Medical Student Clerkship Application required
    • Selectives are not scheduled by AdventHealth Orlando FM Residency or GME and are the responsibility of the student to arrange directly with a preceptor – see above for additional details
    • N95 Mask Fit and annual renewal required at cost to student of approximately $45 - must be completed off-site in Deltona, FL by scheduling an appointment at Harmony Clinic
    • Orientation provided on the first day of each clerkship
    • Physical exam required fourth-year
    • TB screening required annually (only two-step skin test or blood test accepted)
    • Unable to accept Global Track or Military Track students as scheduling modifications outside the AdventHealth East Orlando residency timeframes are not allowed
    Once the Clerkship Site Match is finalized for your class, KCU Clinical Education will notify students when contacting clerkship sites directly is permitted. 

    Contact Information

    • Contact Clinical Education
    • Core Site Contact: Lori Baiji
    • Director of Family Medicine Osteopathic Residency Program: Kamini Geer, MD
    Additions or changes to this site's information may occur at any time - information last updated 10.7.22