Fee Schedule

The KCU Institutional Review Board may review protocols of external organizations, provided it has adequate expertise, subject to the following fee schedule:

Initial Review $1,500.00

  • Protocol (with all amendments and subject hand-outs included in initial packet)
  • Investigator Drug Brochure or Equivalent
  • Consent Forms: Up to three; after three, $50 per consent form
  • Recruitment Materials

Continuing Review

  • Annual Review $400
  • Final Report at Closeout $100
  • Revised IDB $100
  • Protocol Deviations No Charge
  • Protocol Violations No Charge

Modifications (Eligible for Expedited Review)

  • Recruitment Materials $200 per review
  • Consent Form $200 per sponsor request
  • Protocol Amendment $200 per amendment
  • Subject-provided Materials $200 per item

Modifications Requiring Full Board $200 Per Review

  • Any modification that does not meet expedited review (i.e. does not change risk/benefit ratio)

The KCU Institutional Review Board reviews external studies in accordance with KCU’s policies, procedures, and standard operating procedures, unless negotiated otherwise.

If you have any questions about the IRB Committee please contact the ORSP at 816-654-7602 or irb@kansascity.edu.